• March 20, 2022

Sleep and relaxation supplements “mushroom every thing,” and carbonated soda to improve gut health, are among 2022’s most important trends, according to U.S. presence of food brokers

In its very first year-long report about food, beverages as well as health and wellness, U.S. food broker Presence emphasizes relaxation, mushrooms and digestive health needs and much more.

“Conscious consumers” buying beverages, food as well as health and wellness merchandise in 2022 could be looking for key trends in the industry forecast by U.S. the food brokerage Presence (South Barrington IL). The service and brokerage firm has published what it believes is the first annual report about global trends in the food, drink as well as health and wellness industry.

Relaxation supplements that promote relaxation and sleep will be top of the list for buyers in 2022 according to the report. The consumers are searching for new ways to deliver their products and a mix of highly-publicized ingredients such as magnesium, medium-chain triglycerides and Ashwagandha. In the press release the company states: “Although there are many reasons for growth for supplements and vitamins however, there was an impressive growth in sleep and stress support. In a year-over year growth report it was revealed that there was a 30 percent increase in sales for stress relief and sleep-supporting supplements.”

Health and digestion are also on the list of priorities, with increasing demand for ingredients such as probiotics in drinks and food. Could carbonated soda beverages become the new wave of innovations in probiotics? “Today one of themost important factors in the probiotics industry is functional carbonated drinks. One of the most sought-after probiotic drinks are shelf-stable , functional carbonated beverages that are available in the performance and energy categories,” the press release states. The general demand is rising for probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic components in beverages According to the firm, and nothing more than is shelf-stable. Energy drinks and functional beverages that contain probiotics are not a major selling factor and drinks that are prebiotic such as shelf-stable soda and carbonated beveragesare growing.

The growth of mushrooms will continue to increase in popularity until 2022, the report states it adds the fact that “Consumers have shown a fresh level of engagement with all things mushroom.” Products that contain mushrooms include seasoning mixes, ready-to-drink drinks, snacks, and coffee, in addition to teas and supplements. They include species such as cordyceps, chaga the lion’s Mane, and turkey tail. They are touted for their immune system blood pressure, antioxidant and overall health benefits, and possible benefits for the heart, brain and skin health. “The increase in demand for functional supplements and mushrooms is expected to grow as consumers search for new food and drink options which offer benefits that go beyond diet,” the press release declares.

They also value sustainability and this influences how food, drinks, and wellness businesses procure their materials. As the report mentions that sustainable agriculture practices that help protect and enhance soil health are taking the food industry to the streets. These practices are likely to make an appearance in the marketing of products. “Don’t be surprised to notice labels that tout the benefits of foods that are sourced from farms using this type in farming” this report says.

Consumer demand is increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging, according to the report that “Manufacturers as well as retailers and other brands…rethinking ways to offer more sustainable packaging for their products.” As of now the report states that “we’ve witnessed an increase of 23% in the use of recyclable pods/cups, 9% increase in aseptic containers, and a 2 percentage increases in the use of glass.” As we move forward the company hopes to see more innovations in packaging that is zero waste.

Recently, consumers who are conscious of their health have been increasingly seeking out healthier products, and are embracing eco-friendly methods. “The young generation of consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and adventurous, as well as more willing to try new products and services” stated Tracy Miedema, vice president of business development at Presence in the press release. “We’re witnessing consumers actively seek drinks and food brands which promote health and well-being, and are choosing organic products and supplements to improve their overall health and looking to have a positive contribution to their communities and the surroundings.”

Presence is an independently owned natural food brokerage with over 30 years’ experience in helping brands grow their market share in conventional and natural CPG markets. Presence also provides wholesale, retail, and other manufacturing services.

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