• February 9, 2023

After Face lift Surgery : Exactly what do I Expect From My Face Lift?


As we age, so does the outer skin. Such as an old pair of spandex shorts, the outer skin slowly looses its adaptable capacity just spring back into its natural state. Unfortunately, when talking about a face lift and lines and wrinkles, the lines and wrinkles are not truly in the skin itself, but are in the muscles of the face due to the longevity of use. Just like the skin wearing out, the muscles too will slowly tire. If you are going in for a face lift, there are some things you must expect. For starters, the facial skin lift is simply the tightening of the skin, the underlying structure like muscles are not affected and therefore it is quite possible that you’re going to still have lines and wrinkles in you skin despite if the task.

It is this underlying structure of both bone and muscle that makes your faces unique, and the face lift just extracts the skin back so as to give a more useful appearance. It is other procedures like nose jobs and cheek work that can change the underlying structure, but these will add to the entire cost of the procedure.

The surgeon is capable of some muscle and other soft tissue restorations which will help to give you an even more youthful look upon the end of the procedure  lifting del viso. To help even more with the lines and wrinkles, you can also undergo low obtrusive procedures both before and after the surgery to help resurface the skin and remove a large percentage of the lines and wrinkles.

When talking about a face lift, you must always remember that the face lift only focuses on the cheaper area of the face, if you want the upper part like the brows and forehead to be done you will have to inform your surgeon of these as they are a very different surgery. There is a lot of fright around the world today concerning inadequately done face lifting but the good thing is that these can easily be avoided as long as you make sure to communicate well with your surgeon as well as choosing a qualified surgeon for the procedure.

Another important point is the incision points along the face. It is important that these incisions are made in the most individually distinct location that is possible, by ensuring that the incision is made under the hairline and further below the cheekbone, you will end up with a more natural look.

The ultimate goal of a face lift is to basically pull the face’s features back into their natural location. If this is done incorrectly or if it is done in too quick of a manner, the facial skin lift can make the dace look distorted. Think of your surgeon as an artist who will be re-sculpting your complete face. Pablo Picasso makes some great work, but if he were to have done a figurine, then it would don’t have fared as well. The same goes with a face lift, one would want the work of a Rembrandt rather than a Dali on their face, and choosing the right surgeon is like making the decision between Rembrandt and Picasso.

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