• June 13, 2022

Embroidered Shisha Mirrors, an up to date Method

Embroidered shisha work is a technique of working which attaches small items of mirror glass or reflective metal onto fabric. The term shisha originates from ancient Persian for glass and the technique originally began at the Moghul court and is currently most connected with regions of India, where the popularity of this sort of embroidery occurred at the time of the development of glass making there. As elsewhere on earth, glass was originally a costly commodity connected with wealth. Decoration with glass mirror fragments was not only used on textiles but in addition on buildings, embedded in plaster, to form elaborate patterns and sumptuous designs.

When used on textiles for clothing and for religious or decorative hangings, shisha mirrors are traditionally found in repeating patterns. ezigarette grosshandel The inclusion of this sort of embroidery adds sparkle and depth to fabric textures and when used traditionally are regarded as auspicious in that they will give protection contrary to the evil eye.

No glue is mixed up in application of the shisha mirrors; a network or grid of holding stitches is the building blocks on which the shisha stitches (a type of herringbone stitch) are worked. Most of the work is performed by hand. A variety of stitches will then be utilized to enlarge the look around the mirror and beads and sequins could be incorporated.

Shisha mirror decoration offers great potential to hand-embroiderers to improvise with pattern. They combine well with the richness of colour and texture of silk fabrics and can be used to embellish patterned fabrics. They can be utilized in a repeating design as these were originally or can be utilized alone to include accent to decoration. They lend themselves beautifully to decoration on accessories such as bags, purses and even fabric jewellery, such as brooches, hair accessories or cuffs. Accessories with hand-embroidered shisha mirrors are unique and individual since they’re hand stitched and one-of-a-kind items. Anyone using or wearing these unique items will be able to reflect their very own personal style by having an item that has had time, skill and flair taken in its design and making.

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