• February 25, 2023

At this point Completely new Lenovo That has a DISREGARD.

Lenovo has been checking up on the latest in technology innovation first it introduced the Yoga 13 now keeping up the trend it’s introduced the ThinkPad Twist. Whilst the name suggests this is yet another ultrabook that could twist to work as a tablet too. The mechanism works on center rotating hinge that stands up the monitor and twists to double up as a bill as well. As for the pricing factor, you might be surprised to find out it is tagged at $899. Powered with Windows 8 hybrid incorporating an Intel Core i5 processor this ultrabook is pretty impressive on the technology front.

Let’s find out other exciting aspects about that ultrabook.


The Twist sports a black chassis that exudes a soft-touch feel. Weighing at 3.48 lbs. it measures 0.8 inch, comparatively it’s rather bulky close to a tablet. This ultrabook seems aptly made for enterprise, as its flexibility form factor is what makes it attracting the company users. It includes plenty ports like HDMI, USB 3.0 version, microphone/headphone jack, Ethernet connectivity, SIM slot and a 4-in-1 card reader. The thing missing appears to the optical drive input, however, you could overlook this fact as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is included.

The design of keyboard is shaped in island-style. You could find the keys somewhat awkward while the keys have been in U shape. Interestingly, the whole keyboard is spill proof. Additionally, you will dsicover four control buttons for facilitating Windows 8 utility like Search, Current Apps, Settings and Apps menus.

Inclusion of TrackPoint is one more thing to consider in the physical form. It is incorporated to facilitate pointing stick that’s touch responsive lenovo tab m8 8505x. You could find it better than the touchpad and prefer utilising the pointing stick instead. However if you wish to use multi-touch gestures then it’s advisable to make use of touch pad while the stick might need repeated efforts for performing the same functionality.

As far as the twist is concerned, you can use the Stand mode easily for making presentations or viewing a video. Besides this, you can still utilize the touch pad and keyboard after twisting it.

The audio and visuals are good; you might be disappointed at the pixel resolution at 1,366×768 with Gorilla Glass for resisting scratches. Nonetheless, with 12.5-inch (IPS) display you can still expect decent content display in the laptop mode. You can easily carry on with video conference with 720p Webcam located at the the top of screen.


You will see many bloat ware pre-installed on the ThinkPad like Kindle, eBay, Accuweather.com and Rara.com. For security, you will see the Norton Internet Security popping up all of the time before you disable notifications. Other additions include Office Starter by Microsoft, Skype, SugarSync, Evernote and Skitch. Additionally, you will discover Lenovo’s own software incorporating in-house programs. Like, the Lenovo Solutions (small business) dashboard, where you will see various tools for managing data, USB security features, entertainment media security and automated power on/off settings.

Other things include useful tools that facilitate in enhancing user experience. Tools like Location awareness option for customizing website and another tool by battery stretch helps extending the battery backup are useful.


In conclusion to what is said above Lenovo Twist is an ultrabook / tablet that’s impressive in its designing and functionality. The gadget is advantageous and the high cost too falls in the budget friendly range. The audio and display are good, video chat is crisp and clear with 720p. The 4GB of RAM and Core i5 processor are additional positive areas of this ultrabook. Additionally, the Twist can be appreciated for the controls that are excellent as compared to Yoga 13. Even if you are utilising the Twist with its hybrid mode, you will not risk exposing the keyboard.

The Twist is just a hybrid ultrabook packed with Windows 8 along with business utility tools. These features allow it to be more desirable to those who are trying to find an enterprise friendly machine.

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